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Cantilever House

Cantilever House





Seattle, WA

About This Project

A single family home located on a secluded, hilly site adjacent to the dense forest of a community preserve. Three basic forms organized with the rigorous geometry of cubes in a series. The simplicity of three basic material palettes and scales of space brought together within a clear organizational system. Responding to the dramatic site with a single cantilever that simultaneously projects the project into the landscape while maintaining its formal composition as as discrete form.


The garage and foundation are of exposed board-formed concrete, embedded into the earth. The living spaces are open, wooden, distributed evenly along the forest edge and cantilevered over the landscape. The office space and kitchen are metallic, smooth and cool, intersecting the living spaces at a single stair that links all three volumes and materials together. A special emphasis on careful detailing articulates material variation and the craft of construction.