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Zeroth + 0th House

It has to start with Energy. Matter has, for too long, been prioritized in architecture. It continues to dominate the discourse, tools, techniques, and representations of critical architectural and urban design. Matter and form must now take a back seat to Energy and behavior. We want to work with diachronic intensities and the Laws of Thermodynamics with entropy as our ontology. Imagine the possibilities for cities and architectures that embrace rates and intensities of change in some instances, accelerates them in others, and resists them in yet others. We are trying to develop new tools, techniques, and language that work with frictions between boundaries of movement, thermodynamic changes, and scales. Only then can we actualize a material order.

Zeroth is an analog of the modular and Vitruvian man in an energetic world, and the 0th House is the first building concept in an energy-centric design paradigm that accounts for this energetic understanding of the human body.